Ready to start care?

Congratulations on making (or even just considering) the decision to start care. We know you have lots of choices for your health care but we hope that you will find chiropractic care to be the right decision for you.

We believe that the doctor inside you is the very best doctor you will ever have.  Chiropractic care brings out that inner healer by making sure your nerve system is fully functioning.  When the small bones in the spine misalign, they interefere with your body’s ability to heal.  God made us perfectly.  We have everything we need inside of us.  We just need NO INTERFERENCE in the system.

We are meant to maintain our spine from birth.  If you have never had a subluxation check-up, don’t wait any longer!  Spinal misalignments are caused by life itself… slips and falls, stress, poor posture, car accidents, sports, backpacks and even the birth process.  Only a qualified chiropractor can detect and correct subluxation.  Call us today for your family’s check-up.  It’s easy, safe and more affordable to create better health naturally, without drugs or surgery.

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Find out if chiropractic can help you!  Call us in Pembroke at 224-4281, Meredith at 677-1444 or Epping at 679-3222 to schedule an appointment. Mention the website when you call and receive a complete exam with any necessary x-rays for $50!  Offer valid at all three locations!

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