Corrective Care and Wellness Care

before after webCorrective care is necessary when you haven’t been taking care of your spine.  The average age of a person seeking chiropractic care for the first time is 32.  Once problems are corrected, wellness can be resumed.

You could say that the average person is 32 years late for their first appointment! We are meant to maintain our spines from the very beginning, from birth.  Unfortunately, many parents aren’t aware to have their children checked at birth or during the growing years.  Slips, falls, sports, car accidents, poor posture and computer use cause the spine to misalign.  These misalginments cause ill health, poor body function and damage to the spine.

Loss of the normal neck curve (as seen above) results in stress on the nerve system and interferes with the brain’s ability to communicate with the body.   Furthermore, research shows that a loss of neck curve is correlated with an increased incidence of denegenerative discs, bone spurs and joint decay.  Do you know what your neck curve looks like?  Call us today for a spinal check up and get on the road to better health, naturally.  224-4281