What To Expect

Thank you for trusting us with your health care concerns. We have outlined what you can expect in our office because we want you to feel comfortable here.

FIRST VISIT – CONSULTATION & EXAM (Approximately 45 minutes)

This visit is to determine if chiropractic care is appropriate for you. All new practice members are requested to fill out a personal health history and return it to the front desk. You can save yourself 10 – 15 minutes in our office by printing it at home and bringing it with you. You can find all of our forms HERE. You will then be given a brochure to read explaining “Subluxation”

We will begin your appointment with a tour of our office and a short video which helps explain why we do things the way we do them! A one-on-one consultation with one of our doctors will be done to discuss your health concerns. If together you decide that you would like to pursue care in our office, a complete chiropractic examination will be given which will include postural assessment and any necessary specific chiropractic x-rays to determine whether you are eligible for care.

Before your visit is completed your will need to schedule a very important appointment as described below. We will also collect payment for examination services.

But what if I have insurance? Click here to read about insurance in our office.


You will return for your Report of Findings (at no additional cost). Before your next visit the Doctor will develop and read any x-rays taken, then review exam findings as well to determine the exact cause of any problems you may have. The doctor’s report will review vital information on health and how chiropractic works. At this visit the Doctor will explain your exam results and provide you with specific recommendations for care and the most cost effective program to make care in our office affordable and accessible.

Immediately following your report of findings, if the Doctor feels they can help your particular situation, you may choose to receive an adjustment and begin your care. This fee before the reduced rate care plan is set up is $55.

You may be getting the feeling that we do things a little differently in our office… you’re right!  We are very confident with the quality of care and service we provide, and we are proud of the positive impact that we have been able to make in the lives of our patients, and their families.